First of all, email me, call me, fill in my contact form… you chose the way,
and tell me your desired dream story for your wedding, or other event
that you need me to shoot for. And the dates and place it’s happening of course.
If I’m free on those dates, I’ll request an appointment with you guys,
firstly to meet you, but of course also to discuss about details, rates and options.
In this meeting, we will agree on a course of action and available budget.
I will calculate everything carefully and within the next couple days, with minor adjustments,
I will send you my offer and a project agreement
with all the exact costs and extra details I need from you,
requesting as well, a previously agreed, advance payment / retainer.
I usually keep an offer active and the dates on hold, for 1 week.
After this period, my offer is not valid anymore.
When I receive the advance payment (within above said period),
I will pencil in your booking and we’ll take it from there.
If for any reason, you take too long to proceed with your payment,
and the dates are not available anymore, I will refund you.

I do not send my offer for you to decide if you will chose me,
as your photographer, amongst other offers. My work is online on my website
and speaks for itself. You can take all the time you need to decide if you
like it. When you contact me, I assume that you liked my work, that you
have chosen me as your photographer and that you initiate contact to
discuss details and discover in person if our “chemistries / personalities”
match. My rates should not be the reason you chose me or not,
your wedding is a unique event and it should not have a price tag.
In my eyes, your wedding is priceless.


Shooting for a wedding means to take photos of people, human moments.
Moments that happen once and never again the same. We are not shooting
a film with several takes. Your wedding will be a “one take” shoot,
so everything needs to be prepared perfectly to be able to capture
the most possible, creating the best possible images and in the same time
to be discrete and not interfere with what’s happening. We are there to
silently capture your moments and priceless emotions, nothing more.
I don’t like plans, I like spontaneous, but we must make a strict realistic
plan for the best result. Deviating from the plan is highly expected of
course and usually those are the best pictures, but that’s in the plan too…
if you get what I mean.
It always depends if your wedding is happening in your local city
where you also live, or at a destination where we need to travel to,
but usually the shooting consists of
– The Preparations
– The Ceremony
– The Party
– The Next Day
Of course, every wedding is different, you might have planned your own
special surprises or even full day events, so everything needs to be
discussed ahead in detail, to know what to expect.
Especially when I shoot for a “destination wedding” there is so much more
we can include in our schedules, to make those memories immortal and
amazing. To give an example, I once shot a married couple underwater,
swimming with dolphins and after that on the rental yacht, sailing through
sea caves. Sky is the limit in destination weddings.
Prepare me… for what’s to come.


After you come back from our honey moon, I will have the samples for you ready
to make your choices. I can provide those online, through the CLIENTS
area found at my website, where you login with your username
and password that I will email you.


Last comes the delivering process, where either as printed prints, or digital albums,
or even your own website, I will provide you with the final results of our
collaboration, as agreed. This is when I usually require also the my
concluding payment. Of course I keep a record on your files for some years
and you can always order more prints, albums, or uploads to your
wedding couple website.


Οι λεπτομέρειες είναι αυτές που κάνουν την τελειότητα, η τελειότητα όμως δεν είναι λεπτομέρεια.

Leonardo da Vinci.

Besides wedding and event photography, which is his primary occupation, Yiannis Amygdalos, is also involved with commercial and architecture photography, as well as with some art work, which is available for sale, as printables


During his many years of experience, Yiannis Amygdalos has worked and collaborated with many professionals in several industries. Some of them have become more than just collaborations. Meet Yiannis partners and suggested related services and activities.


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